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State Department report ranks countries on human trafficking

September 27, 2011 Leave a comment

From Jill Dougherty/CNN
2011 June 27
Washington (CNN) — Human trafficking is flourishing in the Democratic Republic of Congo, North Korea, Saudi Arabia and Iran, with little effort by the countries’ governments to combat it, the U.S. State Department said Monday.
The department’s 2011 Trafficking in Persons Report assesses efforts by 184 governments worldwide to fight sexual exploitation, forced labor and modern-day slavery.
The annual report, considered one of the most comprehensive analyses of worldwide human trafficking, ranks countries in three “tiers.”
Iran is among the countries the report describes as “a source, transit, and destination country for men, women, and children subjected to sex trafficking and forced labor.”
Charimaya Tamang of Nepal, for example, helped start an anti-trafficking organization. She was 16 years old when she was taken to India, “spending 22 months enslaved in a brothel before the Indian government rescued her and more than 200 other Nepali women in 1996,” the report says.
Returning to Nepal, Tamang “faced social stigma and was outcast from her own community,” according to the report. “But she courageously filed a case against her traffickers, becoming the first person to file personally a trafficking case with the district police. In 1997, the District Court — in a landmark decision — convicted and sentenced eight offenders involved in her case.”

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To stem illegal immigration, cut labor demand in U.S.

*Michael Lind/CNN
2011 May 19
News that Mexican authorities found 513 would-be illegal immigrants packed tightly into trucks, with the United States as their destination, should shock Americans into action. They were from Mexico, Japan, China, India and Nepal, and authorities said each had paid $7,000 to gangsters to be smuggled in.
Coming only days after President Obama mocked those calling for stronger border and workplace enforcement (by asking if they wanted moats and alligators), the incident highlights the role of organized crime in smuggling people into the United States in defiance of federal immigration law.
The debate about immigration reform tends to focus on catching illegal immigrants like those in the smugglers’ trucks at the U.S. border, by measures like more fencing or more Border Patrol agents. But the most effective way to reduce illegal immigration is to reduce the demand for the labor of illegal immigrants.
The knowledge that American employers will not hire them would have a chilling effect on foreign nationals contemplating breaking U.S. immigration and workplace laws in the future.
(*Michael Lind is policy director of the Economic Growth Program at the New America Foundation.)

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Mexican authorities rescue 219 immigrants in southern border

2011 January 27
Mexican authorities rescued a group of 219 immigrants in the southern state of Chiapas on Wednesday night, El Universal newspaper reported on Thursday.
The immigrants were said to be traveling in ‘inhumane conditions’ in a trailer reported as stolen. The group included 177 men, 33 women and nine children. Of these, 169 were from Guatemala, 22 from El Salvador, 18 from Honduras, six from Sri Lanka and four from Nepal.
According to an official statement, security officials chased the truck after the driver didn’t obey the stop sign at a checkpoint at a highway near Chiapa’s state capital of Tuxtla GutiĆ©rrez.
Upon inspection, the police located the 219 immigrants who asked for help. They received medical and psychological attention, as well as legal advice.

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Mexican authorities find 513 illegal immigrants in 2 tractor-trailers

CNN Wire Staff
2011 May 17
Mexican authorities said they found and detained more than 500 illegal immigrants from Central America and Asia who were crammed inside two tractor-trailers heading toward the United States on Tuesday.
X-ray equipment detected the immigrants at checkpoints in the southern state of Chiapas, the state attorney general’s office said. The drivers of both trucks sped away after authorities ordered them to stop, but police apprehended them nearby.
Inside the tractor-trailers, they found 513 people from El Salvador, Ecuador, China, Japan, Guatemala, India, Nepal, Honduras and the Dominican Republic.
Each of them had paid $7,000 to travel to the United States, the attorney general said.
They had been traveling in “inhumane conditions,” Mexico’s National Migration Institute said.

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Indonesians lead in registration latest!

2011 August 18
Indonesian immigrants lead in the 6P Biometric registration exercise with 896,643 persons or 46 per cent of the 1,935,048 persons registered comprising 12 nationalities to date.
Home Ministry deputy secretary-general (Registration and Immigration) Datuk Alwi Ibrahim said of the total number of Indonesian immigrants registered, 535,181 or 60 per cent were illegal immigrants.
Bangladesh came in second with 233,938 illegal immigrants and 119,960 legal workers followed by Nepal (25,307 illegal immigrants, 199,416 legal workers), Myanmar (101,483 illegal immigrants, 100,421 legal workers), India (37,780 illegal, 48,383 legal), he said in a statement here yesterday.

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